Our Services

New Irrigation Systems

Give your lawn and garden the perfect amount of water with our irrigation system installation service! Our pros will design a new irrigation system to fit your lawn and garden’s shape, size, and water needs.

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New Construction and Remodels

The best way to start your life in a new home is to have Homeworx build it! We’ll build everything to exact specifications, making sure your new home is safe, secure, and looks amazing. If you’re looking to give your existing home a fresh start, our remodeling service can make it look brand new!

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Door and Latch Installation

Give your home or business a strong, secure new door with our door and latch installation service! We have a range of doors to choose from for those who are looking for safety, style, or both! 

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Sprinkler Repair

Keep your lawn and garden hydrated with our sprinkler repair service! We’ll troubleshoot and solve any problem your sprinkler system is having, so your yard stays lush and green.

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Whether you’re dealing with a minor clogged drain or a major burst pipe, we’ve got the expertise to get your plumbing system in order. We can also perform regular preventative maintenance to keep major issues from coming back!

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Lounge around in the sun on your brand new deck! You tell our deck contractors what you want out of your deck, and we’ll design it according to your needs and preferred style. We offer a variety of wood stains and types to give it the exact look you want.

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Fencing can add a beautiful outline to your yard, a layer of security, or both! We can build any fence you want in any material. So, no matter what you need out of your fence, we can give it to you.

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Exterior Trim

Accenting your home with exterior trim can really make it pop! We’ll follow your plan for the trim style and color exactly, or we can use our expertise to make suggestions if you want them. Either way, you’ll love the way your home looks with our exterior trim.

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Drywall Repair

Painting over chips and cracks in the drywall doesn’t always cover them up, plus it leaves the drywall vulnerable to worsening damage. Let us restore your drywall with our drywall repair service! We’ll fill in and seal up any damage so you’re left with a smooth wall.

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Fan Installation

Add some class and comfort to your home with our fan installation service! When you’ve found the perfect fan, we’ll come to install it safely so you can enjoy it.

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Power Washing

Wipeout dirt, stains, weathering, and more from your exterior surfaces with our power washing service! Our pros can make any exterior surface look years younger.

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Handyman Services

If something in your home is broken or requires maintenance and you need someone handy to come fix it, we’ve got the handyman for you! 

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Appliance Installation

New appliances are a breath of fresh air in your home after you install them, that is. Don’t frustrate yourself trying to install it and make a potentially dangerous mistake, we’ll take care of it for you in short order!

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